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ISO 9001

ISO 9001: 2015 is applied to all processes of creating, controlling and delivering products and services of an organization. At the same time, regulate and systematically control the activities to ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are met. ISO 9001 is designed to apply to virtually any product or service, made by any […]

ISO/IEC 17025

1.Why should apply ISO / IEC 17025? – ISO / IEC 17025 gives the business leaders sufficient confidence that the test results made by their laboratory are reliable and that their decisions based on the test results are complete. The whole has a scientific basis. – A testing laboratory applying ISO / IEC 17025 will […]


 GLOBAL G.A.P (Global Good Agricultural Practices) is the standard of food safety throughout A to Z of the production line, from the preparation of the farm, nursing to the sewing. Harvesting, processing and storage. (Include production-related factors such as the environment, drugs, chemicals used, packaging, and even the working conditions and well-being of farm workers). […]


1.Why should apply HACCP? HACCP is an effective tool to ensure the quality of food hygiene and safety, which actively prevents the risk of contamination during food processing to create safe food. The demand for quality control of food safety and hygiene is happening on a global scale with the following characteristics: Management object: Transfer […]


VietGAP stands for Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices, which means Good Agricultural Practices in Vietnam. This is a set of criteria issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for each product, group of fishery products, cultivation and husbandry guides producers to apply this standard to ensure: Technical Production techniques; Food safety; Traceability of products; […]

ISO 22000

1. Why ISO 22000? In the context of increasing demand and pressure from consumers, retailers require suppliers to demonstrate compliance with food safety standards. There are now many standards on food hygiene and safety. Among them, ISO 22000 standard is widely applied in Vietnam. The objective of the ISO 22000 system is to help food […]


Organic agricultural production is produced under the principles defined in international standards IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements: aims to ensure ecosystem crops, livestock, produce quality products with user safety and provide economic efficiency, maintain and improve soil fertility. It is the method to cultivate vegetables and fruits, produce food without using any […]

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 – An environmental management system is a management tool used to direct and control all activities of an organization that have the potential to impact the surrounding environment. ISO 14001 provides a set of general requirements as a framework for organizations to form their own environmental management system. Thereby, organizations help to develop […]


Since its inception in the present,TPP Global Co., Ltd has always been at the forefront of consulting the application of the system. Quality management in accordance with the current international standards, including consultants applying GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) – Good Manufacturing Practice. GMP includes general principles, regulations, guidelines for basic conditions of production; Applicable to […]