Since its inception in the present,TPP Global Co., Ltd has always been at the forefront of consulting the application of the system. Quality management in accordance with the current international standards, including consultants applying GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) – Good Manufacturing Practice. GMP includes general principles, regulations, guidelines for basic conditions of production; Applicable to establishments manufacturing, processing, packaging food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cosmetics … issued by the World Health Organization (WHO).

GMP regulations require a quality approach to production that helps businesses eliminate or minimize pollutants and risks in their business operations. This also helps to ensure that customers purchase products are not affected or even life-threatening.

GMP is concerned with important factors including: people, materials, machinery, equipment, operations and environment in all areas of the production process, including the handling of complaints by customers. Commodities and faulty product recall. The GMP requirements are broad and generic, allowing each manufacturer to make its own decisions about the number of regulations, standards, procedures and work instructions that meet the requirements, It is suitable to the type, production sector and the conditions of the facilities of the enterprise. Therefore, the number of regulations / procedures of each enterprise’s GMP system will be different.

On 04/10/2013, the Ministry of Health issued the Consolidated Document No. 04 / QDHN-BYT in 2013. Consolidated Decision to implement the principle “good manufacturing practice” as recommended by the Ministry of Health. WTO issued by the Ministry of Health.

Significance and benefits of GMP application:

All important processes are reviewed, formulated, ratified and implemented to ensure consistency and conformity with specifications;

The conditions governing the production process are defined and the requirements for implementation are clearly defined;

Lower costs due to production process and quality control are standardized, the minimum requirements for workshops and equipment are clearly defined for efficient investment (no over-investment required, Charge or investment is not up to the requirements);

Improve the dynamics, responsibilities and knowledge of the work of the staff, Enhance the credibility of customers and regulators;

Achieving international recognition, protecting product branding, increasing competitiveness and marketing, increasing business opportunities, exporting food;

Transition from independent inspection to recognition, mutual recognition, meeting the integration process and the requirements of the importing market.

TPP GLOBAL has the capacity to assist you in manufacturing, processing, packaging food, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment … in the planning, construction, installation of equipment and workshops to ensure Technical and management conditions under GMP.

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