GLOBAL G.A.P (Global Good Agricultural Practices) is the standard of food safety throughout A to Z of the production line, from the preparation of the farm, nursing to the sewing. Harvesting, processing and storage. (Include production-related factors such as the environment, drugs, chemicals used, packaging, and even the working conditions and well-being of farm workers). This is the standard to ensure that agricultural and aquatic products penetrate the world market in the period of economic integration in Vietnam.

Overview of GlobalGAP

The Global G.A.P standard was developed by an equal association of producers, retailers, service organizations, agricultural product suppliers, certification bodies, consulting firms. , Manufacturers of fertilizers and pesticides, universities … and their associations. This is a set of standards developed for voluntary application to agricultural production (farming, livestock and aquaculture) globally, and is a standard for good agricultural practices in the production, Harvesting and post-harvest handling.
GlobalGAP is a business-to-business connection between the producer and the agri-food supplier so it is not intended to be labeled on the final consumer product, but rather to the consumer. Output and location of production.
In order to provide good quality products that meet export standards, those who create products must know and apply the GlobalGap standard. This standard is used as an application manual for Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.) in every part of the world. The basis of GlobalGAP is a balanced partnership between agricultural producers and retailers who wish to develop effective processes and standards for certification.

GlobalGap standard content:

GlobalGap provides evidence that farms and businesses have good practices in food agriculture including:

+ Commitment to maintain consumer confidence in food safety.

+ Minimize adverse impacts on the environment, while preserving the nature and wildlife.
Reduce the use of chemicals in agriculture (Reducing the use of agrichemicals).

+ Improving the efficiency of natural resource use.

Ensure a responsible attitude towards health workers.

Benefits of GlobalGAP

– Affirmation of the brand to consumers;

– Product value is improved;

– More opportunities in the world market more and more intense competition …

For consumers and retailers, the GlobalGap certification is a guarantee that food meets acceptable levels of safety and quality; The production process is proven to be sustainable, with regard to the health, safety and well-being of workers and the environment, taking into account animal “welfare” issues. Without this assurance, producers may be rejected by the market.

In the trend of international integration and competition in agricultural products, becoming certified GlobalGAP is one of the prerequisites for producers to take the initiative to survive and develop in the market. School of agricultural products is very volatile now. In addition to serving as a bridge between producers and consumers, agricultural products overcome technical barriers, penetrating difficult markets as well as domestic and foreign retail chains, helping to produce agricultural products. Consumers are welcome, GlobalGAP also helps producers to master production activities, reduce risk. These advantages are the point that GlobalGAP is currently selected by ministries and sectors as a way to break the difficult output of agricultural products in Vietnam.

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